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Nice engraving, quality disappointing

I purchased this with engraving as a gift for my fiance at our wedding. The engraving turned out great, and they were nice to provide me with proofs to make sure it was perfect. But I'm bummed because the saber I received actually has quite a few imperfections along the handle such as gapping where the wood and metal blade meet, and the blade not fitting flatly into the wood handle under the insect detail. Unfortunately I can't return because I got it engraved. I tried reaching out via email about this with no response. I recommend ordering yours without engraving in case you need to return for quality issues!

Hello, we appreciate your comments and understand your concern. We fully back all our products and services. This issue appears to be damage to the handle. Rarely does a blade disengraved from the handle. It may have beed 'rattled' in transport.

We will send you a replacement or refund your order. Our staff has been in touch and will continue to resolve this issue to your satisfaction. My apologies for this incident and the delay in resolving this matter.

Frank Morgan King.

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
Gerry Farrulla (Miami, US)
The absolute best!

Sonoma Sabers has quickly become one of our preferred vendors; their customer service is exceptional and the quality of their products is top notch.

1896 Sommelier Sabre
Ashley Padgett (Memphis, US)

Best customer service ever! Make magic happen!

1896 Sommelier Sabre
Amy Minicucci (Toronto, CA)

Better then I ever expected!!

Great Wedding Gift

The engraved Sabre was perfect. Groom loved it.

WKC Briquet Champagne Sword - Gold Guard
Derek Hoffmann (Alexandria, US)
Beautiful, Elegant Sabre

My wife was blown away when I gifted her this sabre from a centuries-old German manufacturer. The sword is beautiful quality, heavy weight. The white gloves Sonoma Sabres includes are a nice touch that will add elegance to the theatre of popping bubbly with a sword.

Morgan King Sabrage Sword
Dawn Morgan (Post Falls, US)
Brilliant Piece & Customer Service

The product, stand, box, gloves... this is an exceptional piece with wonderful value for the price! The Customer service cannot be overstated - the entire team took excellent care of me and I look forward to ordering again!

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
Venu Sugathan (Scarborough, CA)
Amazing product. Perfection!

Love the details on the sabre and shipping was very fast.

Morgan King Sabrage Aficionado - Ruby Edition
Richard Smith (Brentwood, US)
Great Best Man Gift

I purchased a Morgan King Sabotage Aficionado - Ruby Edition for my sommelier son as a wedding gift. He absolutely loved it and I also got to saber my first bottle of champagne. The saber is beautifully crafted and the engraving was top notch. Completely satified with the purchase.

The Sommelier’s Sabre “MANIAGO"
Carlsbad Bubbly (Carlsbad, US)
Outstanding Gift!

Gave as a Christmas gift. The recipient loved it! This particular Sabre simple and elegant at the same time. And he loved the leather sheath that came with it.

Amazing craftsmanship!!!

I am super happy with my purchase. This thing has the perfect amount of weight for follow through. It also has been quite the conversation piece sitting on our back bar. Thanks again for all the fine attention to detail. Bravo, chef!!

Morgan King Sabrage Sword
Chef & Somm Carlos Barrios (Coamo, PR)
Love it! -Chef & Somm Carlos Barrios

Beautiful piece of art. Outstanding quality product. Super fast service and delivery. 100% recommended.

Amazing Sabre

This was the perfect Sabre for our Grand Opening! Everyone loved the quality and engraving!

Sciabola del Sommelier - Bronze
Elmore Breaux (Houston, US)
Perfect Gift

The engraved Sabre was the perfect gift for presentation to a personal friend who received a great promotion. The look sitting upon its stand was elegant.

1896 Sommelier Sabre - Black
Kevin Bell (Fairfax, US)
Awesome Sabre

This was a gift to a client and was awesome. They loved it. Worked great. Display was awesome. Thanks.

Perfect for Champagne Lovers

This was such a unique gift to give my friend for Christmas. She loved it & the complimentary gloves were great too. The box, the details, everything was immaculate

Beautiful as intended

Arrived as expected. Storage box nicer than expected. Engraving as requested. Very satisfied with purchase.

Laguiole en Aubrac Champagne Sabre Solid Horn
Catherine K (Carmichael, US)
10 stars

Got this as a Christmas gift for my dad and it has been the hit of every holiday party this season. Haven’t seen this much enthusiasm for a Christmas gift in a while so yea…nailed it this year.

The Sommelier's Sabre
Mariya Young (Duncan, CA)

The Sabre I received is a little different than pictured. The handle was all black with no gold and the red ribbon part was black. It’s different than pictured. I also don’t like the stand it came with that is different than pictured above. The Sabre is on an angle and it doesn’t look good I will have to purchase a different stand elsewhere. They shipped it right away which was nice. Shipping and duties were almost $200 CDN so it really added up if you’re ordering from Canada. Overall I am happy with it, I just wish I got exactly what was pictured.

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
Karen Freeman (Citrus Heights, US)
Beautiful design

Great quality, beautiful design and quick shipping . Couldn't ask for more!

Maserin Champagne Sabre Bubinga Wood Handle
Nicholas DiSalvo (New Orleans, US)

My sister was equally apprehensive as she was excited about her first ever try at sabring. This blade, and proper bottle prep, did all the work and made her and our families’ magical holiday moment of 2022. When done she was as joyous as a 5 year old. Best gift! Great Sabre!!!

Morgan King Sabrage Sword
Lindsey (Dallas, US)
Came with dents and scratches

Shipping was fast, no complaints there. Box came undamaged and with sufficient protection. However, once I opened it, I noticed a decent amount of flaws. First, one of the clasps on the box was broken and the other one isn't tight enough to keep it closed. It's fine just sitting there, but a little jiggling or movement, and the clasp flips open.

Second, on initial inspection, there was a smudge stain on the handle I couldn't get off, as well as a dent on the guard. This was all noticed in the first 30 seconds.

Knowing these issues, I looked closely at the rest of it and saw the butt was scratched and finish poorly done with a spot of rust already on it. The blade has minor scratches on it as well. There's a fraying white leather piece where the blade and handle meet which makes the whole thing look cheaper. I can only assume it's meant to hide how not-flush the blade inserts into the handle. Might take that off, but can't tell if the leather or seam look better.

Other than these issues, the box looks very nice, the size and weight of the sabre is good, and the string (albeit a bit long) adds a nice touch. None of the issues completely ruin the sabre, but I expected a little better aesthetics for such a flashy tool.

Maserin Vintage Wine Opener
William (Chesapeake, US)
Good quality

Saw this opener at a friend's house and was impressed, so I ordered one. Very pleased. No cheap plastic, good design and quality build, works well.

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
Andrea Bensimon (West Linn, US)

This was a gift to a friend who today emailed “Astounding”!

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
K McKnight (Oklahoma City, US)
Great gift

Beautiful piece. Excellent quality. Perfect for a gift.