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Great Customer Service

The quality and craftsmanship of this saber are first rate. This was a gift for a special person on a special day. I greatly appreciated Frank's suggestions and the speed with which it was completed and shipped. Beautiful product, easy to use website and shipping, and great customer service make happy customers!

Morgan King Sabrage Sword
John K Douglas (Scottsdale, US)
The perfect gift.

If you have a loved one that is difficult to buy for…..you have just found the perfect gift. I actually came across this item via a friend. He himself is that type (a person who has everything) and when I asked him what I could get my son he brought out his saber. I was amazed. I would have never thought of something like that. So I checked out Sonoma on the internet and studied their website. I was so impressed with the website that I called right away. I talked to Frank himself and he was more than helpful and answered all my questions. In a few days we made our choice and ordered a saber. It arrived in a timely manner and it was everything they said it would be. Sonoma's website doesn’t lie. The product was absolutely beautiful. We also opted for the acrylic stand. We had both the saber and the stand engraved and Sonoma was very helpful with this process. In my excitement I hurriedly assembled the stand to see how the saber looked on it. Absolutely beautiful. While taking it apart I accidentally broke a small piece off the stand. Oh no!!! This was on a Tuesday and the presentation was on Friday. I contacted Frank at Sonoma and to my surprise he said no problem. Amazingly he and his staff made us a new engraved stand and it showed up at my door Thursday evening. No questioned asked. I was thoroughly impressed.

Friday was a great day and at the dinner my son received his present and he couldn’t have been more surprised. It is now on display on his wine cabinet and it is absolutely impressive. And by the way, after a couple of tries it works as advertised. Fun.

I couldn’t recommend this product enough. It is beautiful and working with Sonoma was extremely easy and they were extremely helpful. Thanks again to Frank and all the people at Sonoma. You made a special occasion even more special.

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
Karen Seidman (San Jose, US)
Amazing experience with this company

I needed a special award for our customer facing team. Frank was very helpful and patient as we reviewed the different sabers and was quick to send mock ups of the engraved swords. We ended up with a beautiful product and it was a huge success at the recognition meeting

Leather Sheath
Elizabeth Reid (Burnaby, CA)
Great for transport of your sabre

We have bought 3 Sabres so far and they are all excellent in the box however if you want to bring them anywhere, for us it is our boat, it is far easier to have a sheath to transport it in. The leather sheath is well made and can be put on your belt too if you like.

1896 Sommelier Sabre - Black
Krysti Smith (Reno, US)

Wow - this sabre absolutely exceeded expectations and Frank was amazing to work with. I asked for proofs of the engraving, asked for a small revision after he showed multiple amazing options, and he was so quick with the reply. The product was shipped incredibly fast, and the packaging is elegant and perfect for gifting (no additional wrapping needed). This is such a unique and beautiful product; I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
Brett Osborn (Stephens City, US)
Gift for Color Guard Commander

This gift was a Change of Command gift for out going Color Guard commander for a Patriotic Linage society. A retired US Navy Captain who once commanded the USS Constitution in Boston, MA. He had told me when he was married in Gibraltar during his Navy career that they opened the champagne bottles with swords. This gift totally caught him off guard and he was very impressed with.


Looked good!

Beautiful high quality item. Was a gift and our friend loved it :)

The Sommelier's Sabre
Stark Raving Nomad (Manchester, US)
Great Show Piece with nice grip for sabering Champagne!

I bought this saber and a case of sparkling wine (because I never sabered a champagne, I figured I'd mess it up the first few times). I posted the picture of the saber in the display case, with the white gloves for effect, on Facebook. Then, my once-a-year buddy, who happens to throw the "Key West Food and Wine Fest" (yearly, last week in January), saw it and said "Bring it!"

I said I was flying and I don't think the airlines would look kindly upon a saber! I said I'll pay for it, here is the site and you can even have it engraved. So he did. When I got there, I asked him if he got it and he said "Yes!" and without missing a beat, he said you need to saber a champagne, in front of the whole crowd. I am like, oh no, I didn't practice, this is gonna be embarrassing if I goof. Too bad I can't post pictures in the review!

Luckily, it went off without a hitch and it went perfectly! So 5 stars twice, one for mine (which still has not met the bottle), and one for "Key West Food and Wine Fest"!

Morgan King Sabrage Saber - Exotic Wood
Taylor Block (Sammamish, US)
Wedding Gift

I got this for our friends who are getting married with their last name and wedding date engraved on it. My order was processed so quickly and was shipped out the same day I ordered it- I was very surprised that it did. The Sabre itself is absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to give it to them. Would definitely get one for myself and my fiancé if we liked champagne more!!

Sciabola del Sommelier - Bronze
Ima Impressed (Ann Arbor, US)
Just like the St Regis

Inspired to get a Sabre after our stay at the St Regis Goa resort. Beautiful and worked great for our New Year’s celebrations.

Amazing Sabre!!!

This is such a well made and Classic Sabre! Great weight but easy to handle. Beautiful engraving! Highly recommended!!

Perlage Sommelier's Sabre Silver Handle
C Meyers (Schaumburg, US)
Awesome quality!

This Sabre is fantastically crafted and a conversation piece. Sabres you champagne effortlessly. Highly recommend.

Morgan King Sabrage Sword
Mark Cunningham (Mammoth Lakes, US)
The ONLY reason to give your wife a sword for Christmas

We closed our Christmas gift opening with a surprise for my wife and what a surprise it was - she had previously done sabraging on a couple trips to Napa so I thought I’d give this to her. It was a total hit albeit our neighbors might have had some concerns with her wielding a sword opening champagne bottles!! The product is spectacular and everything went as smooth as the blade running dow the neck of the bottle
Thank you for making our 41st Christmas so special!

Great sabre, better service.

The sabre is balanced in the hand, carries that signature Laguiole look and is highly effective at opening champagne bottles. Beyond that, I had worked closely with both the Director of Customization and the owner of Sonoma Champagne Sabres to execute to perfection a specific engraving design. The end product looks and feels great and they were attentive and moved quickly to deliver on time. Thank you very much!

Morgan King Sabrage Sword
Sheryl (Palm Harbor, US)
Our client loved this

We customized one of these for our one of our clients with a logo. He was estatic. Great customer service and prompt delivery. Thank you!

1896 Sommelier Sabre
Chris Erling (Auburn, US)
Wedding Gift

This was the perfect gift for the wedding couple that love wine and hard to shop for!

The Sommelier's Sabre
Jessica Brown (Woodstock, US)
Wedding gift for Halloween Wedding

I have purchased your saber last year for my best friends 50th birthday. When our best friends got married and had an epic light saber wedding dance, I just knew I had to buy one of your sabers for them as a gift. They LOVED it! Thank you so much for the memorable gift.

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
Stephen (Alexandria, US)
Sonoma was great and fast

Really impressed by how quickly my Sabre was delivered, even though it was personalized. Blade got marred/chipped on the first use which was a little disappointing but otherwise great!

Nice engraving, quality disappointing

I purchased this with engraving as a gift for my fiance at our wedding. The engraving turned out great, and they were nice to provide me with proofs to make sure it was perfect. But I'm bummed because the saber I received actually has quite a few imperfections along the handle such as gapping where the wood and metal blade meet, and the blade not fitting flatly into the wood handle under the insect detail. Unfortunately I can't return because I got it engraved. I tried reaching out via email about this with no response. I recommend ordering yours without engraving in case you need to return for quality issues!

Hello, we appreciate your comments and understand your concern. We fully back all our products and services. This issue appears to be damage to the handle. Rarely does a blade disengraved from the handle. It may have beed 'rattled' in transport.

We will send you a replacement or refund your order. Our staff has been in touch and will continue to resolve this issue to your satisfaction. My apologies for this incident and the delay in resolving this matter.

Frank Morgan King.

Sciabola del Sommelier - Nickel
Gerry Farrulla (Miami, US)
The absolute best!

Sonoma Sabers has quickly become one of our preferred vendors; their customer service is exceptional and the quality of their products is top notch.

1896 Sommelier Sabre
Ashley Padgett (Memphis, US)

Best customer service ever! Make magic happen!

1896 Sommelier Sabre
Amy Minicucci (Toronto, CA)

Better then I ever expected!!

Great Wedding Gift

The engraved Sabre was perfect. Groom loved it.

WKC Briquet Champagne Sword - Gold Guard
Derek Hoffmann (Alexandria, US)
Beautiful, Elegant Sabre

My wife was blown away when I gifted her this sabre from a centuries-old German manufacturer. The sword is beautiful quality, heavy weight. The white gloves Sonoma Sabres includes are a nice touch that will add elegance to the theatre of popping bubbly with a sword.