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Morgan King Sabrage Sword


Morgan King, Germany

Morgan King Sabrage Sword

The Complete package!

Handcrafted in Germany

German-built, forged steel, this sword's quality surpasses the norm. The MK sword is longer than most champagne sabers yet sports a perfect weight for its size, making it easy to operate. 

With you in mind, the black lacquer stand was designed to show more of the sword and offer additional engraving space on an optional nameplate that affixes to the stand. Great for a gift commemorating any accomplishment. 

The highly polished stainless steel blade and brass guard outshine the competition. A tasteful tassel compliments the sword, especially during a sabrage event.  The rugged presentation box completes the package with an old-world style of hardware and stain.

  • Blade Style: Sword
  • Blade Length: 17.25"
  • Blade Steel:  Stainless Steel hardened to ca. 50-54° HRC Rockwell, then well-tempered and hand-polished
  • Handle: Polished Brass
  • Handle Length: 5.5"
  • Total Length: 22.75″
  • Total Sword Weight: 1 lb 5 oz
  • Shipping Weight: 5 lb. 0 oz.
  • Origin: Germany 
  • Stand:  Wood "award style" appearance
  • Add Logos or Text
  • Seven fonts to choose from
  • The engraving position is offset to the broadest section of the blade. This center aligns the engraving when the blade is on the stand.
  • Engraving can be on the front, back, or both sides.
  • Proofs are sent in your order confirmation email. Additional edits may add 2 to 4 days to the processing time.
  • Engraved and shipped within 48 hours ( weekends and holiday weeks may take longer )

If you would like a different position, please add your request to the  "Comments & Special Requests" box on the order page.

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We suggest keeping the engraving to a minimum to preserve the beauty of this artistic production. Additional engraving can be added to a nameplate and affixed to the stand.
  • Free Ground Shipping on qualifying orders. See shipping page for details.
  • Sabres ship in 1 to 2 business days.
  • Engraved sabres ship in 1 to 4 business days UNLESS A PROMOTION INDICATES OTHERWISE.
  • Purchased Expedited Shipping moves you to the top of the engraving queue for faster delivery.
  • Shipping as a Gift? We'll ship with no pricing on packing slip and the Shipping Label will be from Morgan King, NOT Sonoma Champagne Sabres to disguise the contents and preserve the surprise. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Mark Cunningham (Mammoth Lakes, US)
The ONLY reason to give your wife a sword for Christmas

We closed our Christmas gift opening with a surprise for my wife and what a surprise it was - she had previously done sabraging on a couple trips to Napa so I thought I’d give this to her. It was a total hit albeit our neighbors might have had some concerns with her wielding a sword opening champagne bottles!! The product is spectacular and everything went as smooth as the blade running dow the neck of the bottle
Thank you for making our 41st Christmas so special!

Sheryl (Palm Harbor, US)
Our client loved this

We customized one of these for our one of our clients with a logo. He was estatic. Great customer service and prompt delivery. Thank you!

Dawn Morgan (Post Falls, US)
Brilliant Piece & Customer Service

The product, stand, box, gloves... this is an exceptional piece with wonderful value for the price! The Customer service cannot be overstated - the entire team took excellent care of me and I look forward to ordering again!

Chef & Somm Carlos Barrios (Coamo, PR)
Love it! -Chef & Somm Carlos Barrios

Beautiful piece of art. Outstanding quality product. Super fast service and delivery. 100% recommended.

Lindsey (Dallas, US)
Came with dents and scratches

Shipping was fast, no complaints there. Box came undamaged and with sufficient protection. However, once I opened it, I noticed a decent amount of flaws. First, one of the clasps on the box was broken and the other one isn't tight enough to keep it closed. It's fine just sitting there, but a little jiggling or movement, and the clasp flips open.

Second, on initial inspection, there was a smudge stain on the handle I couldn't get off, as well as a dent on the guard. This was all noticed in the first 30 seconds.

Knowing these issues, I looked closely at the rest of it and saw the butt was scratched and finish poorly done with a spot of rust already on it. The blade has minor scratches on it as well. There's a fraying white leather piece where the blade and handle meet which makes the whole thing look cheaper. I can only assume it's meant to hide how not-flush the blade inserts into the handle. Might take that off, but can't tell if the leather or seam look better.

Other than these issues, the box looks very nice, the size and weight of the sabre is good, and the string (albeit a bit long) adds a nice touch. None of the issues completely ruin the sabre, but I expected a little better aesthetics for such a flashy tool.

Vanessa (Napa, US)
Fantastic Quality!

Both swords were absolutely gorgeous. High quality and the presentation and wrapping was just beautiful. I look forward to working together again in the future!