About Us

At Sonoma Champagne Sabres we believe in celebrating life while creating traditions and memories. What better way to celebrate then with champagne, and every occasion should be remembered, so to commemorate these occasions we choose sabrage. This spawned our tagline; “Sabre the moments of your life”.

About Our Company
Sonoma Champagne Sabres can into existence in March of 2011. As a web developer I had toyed with the idea of running my own store, and my enthusiasm for sabrage answered the question of "what should I sell?". Our first site was an experiment, I didn't had sabres to sell!  So we have searched the cutlery regions of the world to acquire the finest champagne swords. Our passion for excellence has led us to destinations such as; Maniago Italy, Thiers France and London England, all renowned producers of the finest quality champagne sabres. We are pleased to represent these exceptional craftsmen – Fox Knives, Del Ben, Laguiole en Aubrac, Claude Dozorme, Henry Tuke, Viper by Tecnocut, Due Cigni WKC - Weyersberg Kirschbaum Cie.
The continual search for the worlds finest sabres, coupled with our relationships with top artisans affords us a unique position within the industry. New models are available to us first and custom sabres are always at our fingertips.

I invite you to join our email list and visit us often to stay informed on our latest discoveries. And, you can call me personally or shoot me an email for a personal consultation or fitting.

All the best,

Frank Morgan King