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Product & Use Disclaimer

Disclaimer & Warning

Do not Attempt Sabrage if you are not an experienced sommelier or have the proper training. 

We recommend you study and practice with a professional before attempting sabrage. Sabrage is only as safe as you are. Carelessness in preparation and demonstration can lead to injury of yourself and others or property damage. Bottles can explode and flying sharp edged glass may scatter if you do not follow proper sabrage instructions. 

Even if proper procedures are followed a champagne bottle may contain defective glass/structure resulting from the manufacturing process. NEVER attempt sabering any other type of bottle. The unique bottle thickness and pressure contained in champagne is not found in other bottle types.  

Beware corks will fly varied distances based on the champagne. A sabred cork can fly any where from 3 feet to 40 feet. Sabred corks have shattered glass attached, if a cork strikes a person injury is likely. Always point the bottle in a direction away from people, animals and precious objects.

Champagne Sabre are ceremonial swords and do not have sharp blades. Nonetheless, the tips are relatively shape and can pierce the flesh.

NEVER practice sabrage when you are inebriated or impaired in any form. 

Sabered bottles have VERY sharp bottle necks. DO NOT TOUCH the severed neck as it will be razor sharp. NEVER DRINK DIRECTLY FROM A SABRED BOTTLE!

Sonoma Champagne Sabres does not accept responsibility for incidents resulting from anyone using our products. When purchasing or receiving a champagne sabre as a gift you accept individual responsibility for the safety of yourself, others and property in regards to use and/or storage of the sabre.